Olympics 2012: Asking the experts!

The London 2012 Olympics have arrived! We took this chance to ask two of our Olympians and Blue Circle Champions about training with diabetes and who to look out for during the Games.

  • Bas van de Goor, Volleyball (BvG)
  • Kris Freeman, Cross-country skiing (KF)

Following the Olympic theme, interview with two diabetic athletes – Bas Van de Goor (volleyball) and Kris Freeman (Cross Country)


Coaching for a Better Diabetes Life

That’s why the “Diabetes Coach” is becoming a resource that more PWDs are turning to. They’re not trained medical professionals, but life-balance experts who may have a lot to offer in helping us cope with our day-to-day D-struggles.

I’m not convinced that this is a valuable resource. Id rather be direct with my endo if i wasn’t get thr right advice or ask online for Anecdotal experience for scenarios but am I in a minority?