Tour de France and the Celebration of Type 1

Jeudi sur le Tour de France : un diabétique sur l’étape !

My attempt at English translation

Tomorrow at Pau, will start Phil Southerland, founder of cycling Team Type 1: a team of professional cyclists with and without diabetes.

Phil has diabetes type 1. His goal at one stage in the Tour, to instill hope and motivation to those affected by this disease worldwide, providing evidence that can be diabetic and to fully accomplish.

Its slogan: “Diabetes does not stop us. It drives us.” For those who understand English, type 1 diabetes team gives you tips for managing sport and disease. Here.

Around its sport, Team Type 1 is also developing awareness of and support for people with diabetes.

Interested? Meet at the village of l’Etape du Tour in Pau. It is open to all and free, Thursday, July 12 from 14h to 20h and Friday, July 13 from 9am to 21h, the exhibition grounds.

Team Type 1 will offer a free conference “Diabetes and sport: a solution for everyone”, and two workshops:
– “Fitness and Nutrition” with an educator and a dietician to make a test and tackle the subject of nutrition and physical activity
– “Intensity and exercise” to test his physical pedaling on an ergometer (exercise bike).

Sponsored by the French subsidiary of Sanofi, the team consists of 23 top international riders, including four French riders and five runners with type 1 diabetes.

Anyway, congratulations to these outstanding athletes for their commitment.


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