Jamie’s story of his life with T1D

jamie2 Jamie’s story of his life with T1DJamie has decided to share his story of T1D diagnosis at a difficult time in his life with the JDRF community.

I’ve had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years.

At the time of my diagnosis at the age of 17, I was homeless, with severe depression and anxiety. I was staying with a friend, and constantly anxious about having to leave and how that might affect my T1D. I remember thinking that I’d have to stay at a community house, and how scared I was of doing a needle in front of people.

My best friend really helped with my anxiety when he told me it didn’t bother him that I had to do needles in front of him. This brought my self esteem up enough to feel confident doing my needles in front of people, and to accept my T1D.

Two and a half years after my diagnosis, and my life has completely changed. I found my estranged father over the internet late last year, and I started living with him. He also has type 1 diabetes, and has taught me a lot about management and eating healthy and well-balanced meals. I’m on my way to my dream job.  I feel secure with my T1D – it has helped me through every day, and I regard it as a friend.

Do you have any encouraging words for Jamie? Leave them in the comments below!


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