And why wouldnt we want to be happy!

Totally Diabetic

Be diabetic.  Be happy.  Why?  Because:

1.  You are alive.  It sounds so basic and simple, but so true.  You are alive.  Breathing and living.  Experiencing life.  Celebrate being here every single day.

2.  You can live with diabetes.  There are amazing medications (like insulin), devices (like the insulin pump and blood testing machine) and physicians who help us stay alive.  Without technology and drugs we would not be here.  Yes, the meds and equipment are expensive.  But, they keep us alive.  You cannot put a price tag on that.  Priceless.

3.  Diabetes encourages us to take care of ourselves.  So many people all over the world need to exercise, eat better, and destress.  Having a condition like diabetes entices us to take steps to a healthy lifestyle.  I sure feel a lot better (mentally and physically) knowing I am doing all I can for my diabetes, health, and me. …

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