Its a great debate

the smart woman's guide to diabetes

This is a conversation with my friend Ann Rosenquist Fee about the trials and tribulations of the Omnipod.
ANN:Well guess what.AMY:What? I get the feeling from the above photo whatever you are going to say is not going to be good. I’m ready. Let me hear it.ANN: Worst A1C ever. After three months on the pod I went from 6.9 to 7.6. Up until that point, 6.9 had been my worst in 18 years, which is what sent me to the pod in the first place, so I’d have tighter control. A 7.6 is not tighter control. A 7.6 is…well, see above. I’m so mad.

AMY: First off, I actually can’t believe that 6.9 was your worst ever in 18 years…wow. I consider 6.9 pretty good and in fact my last a1c was a 6.7 after 3 really careful months on the pod. And when I…

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